Vein Treatment in Glen Mills, PA

Please call 610-579-3515 or fill out our online appointment request form to schedule a consultation with one of our vein doctors. The Vein Center at Brinton Lake is located in Glen Mills, PA.  Our board-certified vein specialists offer minimally-invasive procedures with rapid recoveries performed right in our outpatient facility.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Once the vein is numbed, the painless application of heat takes less than two minutes to seal the vein and prevent blood from pooling within it. Many of our patients have enjoyed the benefits of this minimally invasive procedure to treat their vein disease.

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Spider veins are small veins beneath the skin that are often red, blue, or purple. Although not typically painful, these veins can have a significant impact on the quality of life for many patients we see from Chester, Media, Springfield, and other nearby areas.

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Abulatory Phlebectomy

Varicose veins can be both unsightly and uncomfortable. An ambulatory phlebectomy, also known as a microphlebectomy, is an in-office outpatient procedure that can take care of both the appearance and functionality of the patient’s venous system.

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Foam Sclerotherapy

For larger veins a foam agent needs to be injected into the vein to avoid being too diluted to treat the veins. Foam sclerotherapy is very successful at treating larger varicose and spider veins where the standard sclerotherapy treatment may not be recommended.

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Perforator Vein Treatment

If vein disease goes untreated, pressure can build up in the veins in the calves. In order to minimize swelling of the foot and ankle, the body will send blood in a reversed direction towards veins within the musculature. These transit veins are called perforator veins.

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Venous Ulcer Management

In severe cases of vein disease, the skin surrounding the lower legs and ankles may become swollen to the point that it is deprived of needed oxygen. Such an occurrence can result in a breakdown of the skin, and formation of a venous ulcer, which will require professional attention from a vein specialist in order to heal properly.

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VenaSeal™ Closure System

Rather than using heat to ablate diseased veins, the VenaSeal™ Closure System utilizes a specially designed adhesive to seal the vein and redirect blood flow in the proper direction. This form of treatment is associated with less bruising and general discomfort than other, more traditional solutions.

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