The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Vein Treatments

Any vascular surgery is improved if performed with a minimally invasive technique. In the past, treatment for varicose veins was a serious surgical procedure. The benefits of today’s minimally invasive vein treatments are extensive. They are safer than traditional surgery, and doctors are able to treat patients who do not qualify for traditional procedures. Seems like a win-win-win.

Minimally Invasive Vein Treatment vs. Traditional Surgery

Traditional surgery requires a large incision in the skin so the surgeon can access the area to be treated.vein doctor in the operating room.

A minimally invasive procedure needs only a puncture of 2 to 3 millimeters in order to insert the tools needed.

What Are the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Vein Treatment?

As opposed to traditional procedures, the tiny opening allows for:

  • minimal or no scarring
  • minimal bruising
  • minimal discomfort
  • minimal risk of infection
  • minimal bleeding
  • minimal risk of complications
  • minimal recurrence

In addition, there is a quick recovery with faster return to normal activities, no stitches, and only intravenous sedation is used as opposed to general anesthesia. 

This seems like a good trade off. Talk with Vein Center of Brinton Lake about whether you are a good candidate for minimally invasive vein treatment.

More Patients Can Take Advantage

With less trauma to the patient’s body and less strain on the body, minimally invasive treatments are suitable for older and more fragile patients. These patients are at greater risk for complications during traditional surgical procedures.

Reduced surgical risk and trauma are a main benefit of minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Faster Recovery

One other important benefit is a faster recovery after minimally invasive vein treatments. While a traditional surgery approach may take a few days in the hospital for observation and weeks afterward to recovery, with minimally invasive vein treatment, patients walk out on the same day and return to their normal activities.

Each case is different, so inquire about your particular issue and ask Vein Center of Brinton Lake about your recovery time.

You may be pleasantly surprised!

You can leave behind the pain, heaviness, itching, swelling, muscle cramping, and ulcers near your ankle with a minimally invasive vein treatment.

Contact Vein Center of Brinton Lake at (610) 579-3516 for a consultation in Glen Mills, PA to discuss how minimally invasive vein treatment can improve your ability to enjoy life again.