Relieving Painful, Itchy, Swollen Legs Caused by Varicose Veins

Men and women who are unlucky enough to have varicose veins should keep reading. We will reveal some tips for relieving painful, itchy, swollen legs caused by varicose veins.

The Pain From Varicose Veins

The pain from varicose veins is not just physical. It is also emotional. That’s why many people with varicose veins hide their legs in summer and are happy when winter comes and everyone else is covering their legs.

The cause of varicose veins is from venous insufficiency. Blood pools in spots, usually in the legs and ankles, because blood does not move from that area toward the heart due to weakened blood vessel valves. They fail to circulate blood back to the heart. Instead, the blood actually flows backward.

What Makes Varicose Veins Itch?

The incessant itching of varicose veins is known as Venous Stasis Dermatitis or Varicose Eczema. When your blood vessels are stretched where the blood collects, the veins widen anda lady sitting on her bed holding her leg in pain due to varicose veins. emerge from under the skin.

At the same time the blood leaks out into the skin without the oxygen your skin needs. As a result, the skin becomes irritated, red, and itchy.

It may seem impossible not to itch, but that only makes the problem worse.

With the itchiness, pain, cramping, swelling and heaviness that comes with varicose veins, remedies are needed.

Short-Term Relief for Painful, Itchy, Swollen Legs

Some remedies include the following:

  • First and foremost, do not scratch. It bears repeating since it can lead to infection.
  • Use compression stockings which are tighter at the bottom to help move the blood forward.
  • Topical creams are a short-term remedy for the itching. Try Cerave cream which moisturizes as it helps heal the skin. Consider also using a topical steroid cream.
  • Elevating your legs each day can help reduce some of the symptoms.
  • Moving around and doing some light exercise can also help. It will improve circulation and reduce swelling.

Long-Term Relief for Painful, Itchy, Swollen Legs

At-home remedies only provide short-term relief. If you’re looking for long-term relief, Vein Center if Brinton Lake can help treat your varicose veins at the source with quick minimally invasive treatments.

Call Vein Center of Brinton Lake at (610) 579-3516 for an evaluation and learn about options to treat your varicose veins and relieve all the symptoms once and for all.