How Do I Stop Spider Veins on My Legs From Getting Worse?

Those little blue and purple feathery veins on your legs seem to be spreading. You have no idea what you could have done, but they’re not going away. When you look online, you find out they are called spider veins. Not as ugly as varicose veins, but unsightly nevertheless. How do I stop spider veins on my legs from getting worse?

Are Spider Veins Harmful?

Spider veins are not harmful by themselves. They are broken blood vessels that show on the skin. They are a cosmetic issue, quite common, and affect about 50% of the female population. 

Note though that they can be an early sign of chronic venous insufficiency, or CVI, meaning a vein disease that can affect your quality of life.Woman holding her legs.

If you spot spider veins, make an appointment with Vein Center of Brinton Lake in Glen Mills, PA for an exam and to determine if you have risk factors for CVI.

How to Stop Spider Veins From Getting Worse

There are a number of easy ways you can prevent them from getting worse. 

Stay Active

In short, don’t be a couch potato. Get up and move around with some moderate exercise. Do it consistently several times a week. Even walking can help.

Shed Off Some Pounds

If you are overweight, try to lose some weight. Carrying around extra pounds contributes to vein circulation problems.

You will lessen stress on your legs, and prevent other heart diseases, stroke and type 2 Diabetes.

Wear Compression Socks

This will help improve blood flow in your legs.

Elevate Your Legs

Try to elevate your legs each day above your heart to reduce swelling and help to prevent more spider veins from forming.

Wear Sunscreen

This may seem strange, but the sun can cause broken blood vessels. So wearing sunscreen can prevent spider veins from developing on your face.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a large risk factor for developing spider veins, as it affects blood circulation, blood vessel walls, and inflammation.

Standing Too Long

Just as you don’t want to sit for long periods of time, neither should you stand too long. Some jobs require you to be on your feet all day, so try to find ways to take breaks, sit on a stool, or get off your feet whenever possible.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothing

This can interfere with normal blood circulation leading to spider veins.

If you are unhappy with spider veins in obvious places, there are treatments to remove them.

Contact Vein Center of Brinton Lake at (610) 579-3516 if you want an evaluation and options for removing spider veins.