When to Ask for a Surgical Second Opinion

No one wants to find out that they need surgery. There can be many scary unknowns. However, there are times when an operation is an absolute must to relieve pain, cure conditions, and restore health. If you have come to that point and your doctor has just informed you that you need surgery, you may feel a little overwhelmed or afraid.

Although your doctor may be 100% right that you need a surgical procedure, there is always room for human error or opinion-based decisions. There are times when a second opinion should not be just thought of as an option—it should be considered a must. How do you know when it’s the right idea to get a second opinion?

There is No Rule

There is no specific rule that gives you a clear-cut line when you should get a second opinion. However, there are some things you should discuss with your doctor or research on the Internet. Asking the right questions will tell you a few things.

  • Why do you think I need this operation?
  • Are there other alternative options to surgery to consider?
  • What would happen if I chose not to have surgery?
  • What are the risks and dangers of this surgery?
  • Will the operation completely improve my condition or will I still have problems?
  • Will there be negative changes to my body as a direct result of the surgery?
  • Are you 100% confident that surgery is my only option?

If you can, get these answers from your doctor.

It is Your Decision

The bottom line is, it is your decision. Even if you cannot find any other option but surgery, there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion to ensure that it’s the right option for you. Often if you are having trouble committing to the surgery, then hearing the same advice from another expert can confirm what you know and help you go ahead with that decision.

When should you get a second opinion?

Often, you will want to consult another professional if there is any waver or if there are any other treatment options. Bottom line – it is your decision.

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